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Midwest Coast Brewing - Vaguely Stylish

Vaguely Stylish, a New England style IPA from Midwest Coast Brewing, brings a classic west coast bitterness.

Midwest Coast Brewing is a completely new brewery to me. My Binny's just started carrying them, and my beer guy there pointed it out to me. I always love trying different breweries from Chicagoland, with this one located near the United Center. Checking on Google, it looks like a great place to gather with an awesome nicely-sized patio. Definitely worth taking a look for that alone.

The can for Midwest Coast's Vaguely Stylish beer next to a filled glass. It shows the artwork from the front of the can, which is the company's logo and the words Vaugely and Stylish written in distinct fonts.

Vaguely Stylish front of can artwork.

Vaguely Stylish is a west coast style IPA brewed with Cascade, Chinook, and Centennial hops. The cool thing about this beer is that it is a rotating series that will always have the same 3 hops, but it will have different percentages each time. They put this information right on the can so you can see for yourself.

A picture of the midwest coast vaguely stylish bottle and partly filled glass. The can displays the percentage of each type of hops in this batch. 40% Cascade, 40% Chinook, and 20% Centennial.

Vaguley Stylish hops breakdown

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Centennial has always been one of my favorite hops, and even though this beer is only 20% Centennial, it tastes exactly how I hoped it would. Vaguely Stylish is that old-school IPA style from when I first got into craft beer about a decade ago. It's mostly bitter, pine, and, lemongrass. There's only a 6.5% ABV but with the west coast style of bitterness. It's not juicy like your NE IPAs. If you're into the classic IPA style this is definitely for you. I like this one and I'm going to be checking out more of their stuff.

Happy Drinking!

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