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Beer Review: Pollyanna Brewing Company - Lite Thinking

Pollyanna's Lite Thinking offers a light and crisp taste with a smooth and clear finish at 4.7% ABV.
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Pollyanna Brewing Company Lite Thinking Beer Review Taste ABV Price

Photo: Aaron FitzPatrick/On Tap Sports Net

With Illinois Craft Brewery Week coming to a close, I decided to wet my whistle with a nice light lager from a brewery just up the road from my house. Lite Thinking, from Pollyanna Brewing Company, is another solid find for those of us who are more familiar with the traditional American lagers.

If you’re looking for an exotic flavor from a craft brewery, this isn’t it. If you’re like me and are looking for a more familiar taste, I’ve found another one for you with Lite Thinking. With a light and crisp taste, this one finishes as smooth and clear as the “Land of Lincoln” waters the can says the beer is made with. And it’s brewed just up the road from my house in lovely Lemont, IL.

This award-winning pour has the familiarity of a Budweiser but with just the right amount of flavor that you know you’re definitely not drinking a mass-produced lager. It’s smooth and easy to drink. And, just like I like them, it’s a good beverage to have around a grill on a warm summer day, not that we have many of those around Chicagoland at the moment. Plus, at 4.7% ABV you won’t be out of it before the coals are done.

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So, with warmer days hopefully ahead, fire up the grill and add some Lite Thinking from Pollyanna Brewing Company to your cooler. #CrackUm