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Re-Review: Founders - 4 Giants

4 Giants by Founders still packs the same great hoppy taste but at a better bang for your buck this time around.

Four Giants from Founders is another beer I was really excited to come across again. Back in June of 2020, I wrote an initial review of this brew, which you can find here. I remember my own story. First I found one in a pick-six from The Jewels. Then it took me a while before I finally found it again in a four-pack of 12-ouncers. Just all-around my kind of beer.

Founders 4 Giants

So there's some amazing news with this one! Looking at my old review, it was $10.99 for the four-pack of bottles. Well, this year it's still only $10.99 but it comes in a four-pack of 16-ounce cans! So you get a whole extra 16-ounce beer for the same price as it was a year ago. Not to mention this beer packs a 9.2% ABV, and if you know anything about beer prices nowadays, that is a hell of a bargain.

Now for a quick rundown of 4 Giants. Again, this beer hits me in all the right places. First of all, you can see the beautiful color topped by a slightly off-colored white head. Such a wonderful pour. When it comes to the taste, it has the hoppy bite you want in addition to citrus, grass, pine, and herbal tones. I also always love an IPA with a caramel sweet backbone to it, and 4 Giants provides exactly that. It's syrupy in a sense because it sticks around on the palate. I love this beer so much and you cannot beat the price. Grab it while you can.

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