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Re-Review: Waldo's Special Ale - Lagunitas

Waldo's Special Ale by Lagunitas is back in stores as spring rolls in and it's even boozier this time around.

So this is the first time doing something like this. I am revisiting a beer that I previously wrote a review on. But this is no ordinary beer. This is the Waldo's Special Ale from Lagunitas. My previous review from last year can be found here. A lot of you may know my off day is on Wednesday, so I like to go pick out a beer at Binny's. I was not expecting to see Waldo's Special already. I have been counting down the days until April but it kind of snuck up and surprised me a little early this year.

The Waldo's Special Ale has always been my favorite beer of all time, but I was curious if I would still feel the same way after a whole year between tastings. I have enjoyed a crap load of quality beers since the last time and with the recent trend of Hazy IPAs, I was wondering if my taste buds have changed at all. Before we find out, let's examine Waldo's Special Ale first.

Lagunitas Waldo's Special Ale

The Waldo's Special Ale is a Triple IPA with a whopping 11.7% ABV. Last year, it was apparently ONLY 10.8% ABV, so that's a bit of an increase there. Also, I'm not sure what the IBU rating is, but I'm going to assume it's still around 100. Now for the bad news. Last year it came in a six-pack for $10.99. This year it's in a four-pack for $12.99. Bummer. But I get it. All these other breweries sell their four-packs for 17ish dollars, especially in beers that are comparable. It's still a triple IPA with fricking 11.7% ABV.

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The bottom line? In my eyes, this beer is still absolutely amazing. It hits everything on the palate. It's juicy, bitter, sweet, but most notably it packs an absolutely massive hop punch. All things considered, it's still unbelievably smooth. Even with the increased price tag, I'm still going to be picking it up as long as it's around. I already grabbed two four-packs, and you should grab some too.

Happy Drinking!