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Beer Review: Revolution - Unsessionable

Revolution didn't brew Unsessionable for a couple of years because of COVID, but it's finally back and tastes just as good as I remember.
Revolution Unsessionable ABV IBU

Photo: Jim Sramek/On Tap Sports Net

Revolution's Unsessionable is a beer I was extremely excited to learn was coming back. I searched my photos for a date reference and the last time I had it was in December of 2019. Revolution didn't brew it for a couple of years because of COVID, so that explains the time gap.


Unsessionable was always one of my top three favorite beers that I looked forward to picking up each year. That's why I was anticipating its return so much, which I actually just found out about last week.

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Unsessionable is an Imperial IPA with a huge 10% ABV. But the fun doesn't stop there. It also has an IBU rating of 100! Now, sometimes IBU rating doesn't really match up with the perceived IBU, but this one certainly does. It packs an absolute punch.

Revolution named this brew "Unsessionable" because one is going to be plenty for the casual drinker. It's a beer that requires you to take your time and enjoy every sip. It's great to have this one back as it's just as good now as I remember a few years ago.

Happy Drinking!