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Rhinegeist Officially Comes to Chicago

Rhinegeist beers, fruited ales, and ciders are finally be available in Chicago.
Rhinegeist Brewery Chicago

Photo: Rhinegeist/Twitter

After being distributed in the neighboring Northwest Indiana and Milwaukee areas for years, the famous Cincinnati brewery, Rhinegeist will finally have products available for purchase in Chicago. Upon the calendar flipping to March, Rhinegeist beers are now available in both cans and draft options for Chicagoans.

Rhinegeist, meaning "Ghost of the Rhine" in German, is famous for its variety of beers, ciders, and other creations. According to the Brewers Association, Rhinegeist is the 26th largest craft brewing company in the US as of April 2020.

Rhinegeist first opened its doors to the public on June 29, 2013. As of 2020, Rhinegeist distributed its products in Ohio, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Rhinegeist houses a brewery, taproom, and production facility located in Cincinnati's revitalized Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. It occupies the pre-prohibition bottling plant of Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. Morelein is still active and famous for making Little Kings Cream Ale along with other brews.

Rhinegeist Products Available in the Chicago Market:

  • Beers: Truth (IPA), Glow (Fruited Sour Ale), Cloud Harvest (rotating Unfiltered IPA series)
  • Fruited Ales: Bubbles (Rosé Ale), Slangria (Ale with Pomegranate, Blueberry, and Lime), Wowie (Ale with Pineapple and Passionfruit), Zango (Ale with Apple, Mango and Tangerine)
  • Ciders: Zappy (Hard Cider), Bloom (Hard Cider with Pear and Elderflower), Beezy (Hard Cider with Honey), Snug (Hard Cider with Spices).

Surprisingly, their hit Lager, Cheetah, is not on the list currently.

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The Partnership

Rhinegeist has partnered with the city's largest beer distributor, Windy City Distributing, which belongs to the distributor network of the Reyes Beer Division.

“We have been watching the success of Rhinegeist Brewery for many years,” said Bob Collins, President of Windy City Distributing to Brew Bound. “Rhinegeist’s dedication to quality and innovation is impressive. We look forward to our partnership and getting their brands to craft beer fans in the Chicagoland market.”

“Rhinegeist’s entry into the Chicagoland marketplace is one of great excitement for me personally,” adds Matt Steinke, VP of Sales at Rhinegeist and Chicago native.

“This city offers some of the finest local breweries, while showcasing the best brands from across the country. We are more than thrilled to bring Rhinegeist’s diverse portfolio to such an eclectic city, and humbled to join this wonderful beer scene. Bob Collins and the team over at Windy City Distributing have been fantastic to work with and will do a great job building our presence here for years to come. I grew up in the Chicago area, my family is here, as are my closest friends. It’s going to be very special for them to have the ability to purchase our beer in IL for the first time,” Steinke told Brew Bound.

Rhinegeist is known for having everything from IPAs, lagers, porters, pilsners, kolsches, ciders, and barrel-aged beers. From personal experience, they knock them all out of the park. I went to college in Cincinnati and would frequent Rhinegeist often. No matter who I went out with, whether they were beer drinkers or not, Rhinegeist had something top-notch to offer them.

If you're ever in Cincinnati, hit up their rooftop. Cincy only has a few compared to the hundreds in Chicago, but theirs by far is the best in the Cincinnati area.


For further information on where to find Rhinegeist products, visit or email and they will help locate their offerings. You can also find them on all social media @rhinegeist.

Additionally, stay tuned to the Beer tab here at On Tap Sports Net to read upcoming reviews on what our contributors think of Rhinegeist's offerings.