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The Game of Games

Looking for something fun to do in quarantine? CWSDJT and his partner in crime came up with a fun game that may be familiar to some sitcom fans!

Like everyone else, my fiancé and I have been bored and quarantined for over a week in our two-bedroom apartment in Lincoln Park with our cat, Minnie. Outside of work, playing old video games, and binge-watching TV shows, there isn't much to do. Since it was my fiancé's birthday on March 20th, a Friday, we drew up the rules for a new drinking game. Think of it as a combination of True American from New Girl or CharDee MacDennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The layout of the game board is below:


As you can see, the game board is built with four "bases" or trivia spots. There are four challenges between each base. At each base, there are trivia questions: Geography (10 points), Music (10 points), History (10 points), and then TV/Movies (20 points). The object of the game is to accumulate the most points from these challenges, trivia bases, and bonus cards (which I will explain below). Each stop before the first base is 5 points, then 10 before second base, 15 before third base, and 20 before home plate.


The challenges are as follows:

  • Mario Kart - 1 race (5 points)
  • 6-cup Beer Pong (5 points)
  • Slapjack card game (most cards after 4 slaps) (5 points)
  • Thumb War (5 points)
  • First Trivia Base
  • NFL Blitz - 1 quarter (10 points)
  • Pillow Case Race (10 points)
  • Memorize Historical Poem/Speech/Passage (chosen at random with dice, whoever recites more words from the Poem/Speech/Passage) (10 points)
  • Food Toss (toss as many M&M's, peanuts, etc. in your mouth in 30 seconds, can be done with your teammate if more than 2 people are playing the game) (10 points)
  • Second Trivia Base
  • Mario Kart - 1 race (15 points)
  • Flip Cup (4 cups) (15 points)
  • Blackjack (5 hands) (15 points)
  • Name as Many ____ in 30 seconds or Take an Agreed upon Sporcle quiz (15 points)
  • Third Trivia Base
  • Beer Pong P.I.G. (trick shots) (20 points)
  • Guess as Many Songs as You Can from Classic Playlist on Spotify without Looking (20 points)
  • Hot Dog Home Run Derby (Use a hot dog as a baseball bat, hit as many ping pong balls past a home run marker set fairly between teams) (20 points)
  • Beer Can Bowling (5 rounds, 10 pins) (20 points)
  • Final Trivia Base
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Before the first challenge of each round, the player who is winning (or the youngest player if it is tied) has to pick from a deck of "chance" cards and bonus point cards.

These bonus cards include:

  • Take a shot of wine (2 points)
  • Take a shot of beer (1 point)
  • Chug a 6-ounce glass of wine (7 points)
  • Eat a teaspoon of butter (10 points)
  • Drink an 8-ounce glass of milk (2 points)
  • One minute wall sit (2 points)
  • 10 sit-ups (1 point)
  • 10 push-ups (1 point)
  • Eat a lemon or lime (10 points)
  • Put ice down back of shirt (1 point)
  • First to fart (only applicable one time, 15 points)
  • Take a shot of Malort or tequila (7 points)
  • Take a shot designed by the opponent with any item in cabinet or fridge (15 points)
  • Eat a 1/4 teaspoon of salt (10 points)
  • Take a shot of choice (5 points)


The "chance" cards are as follows:

  • Make a Pillsbury Doughboy laugh before the round (4 challenges)
  • Stand on one leg for the next round (4 challenges)
  • You must use your opposite hand for the next round (4 challenges)
  • You must have a hand on your head for the next round (4 challenges)
  • You must have your eyes closed for the next round (4 challenges)
  • You may not use your thumbs for the next round (4 challenges)
  • Stop swearing for the rest of the game (until the game ends)

These "chance" cards and bonus cards are drawn from the same deck. The person drawing from the deck MUST draw a bonus card for each round of challenges. The "chance" cards only apply to the individual drawing the cards at the beginning of each round (whichever player is winning or whichever person is younger at the beginning of the game [if tied or starting round 1]). If the person who is drawing the cards draws a "chance" card, he or she must do whatever that "chance" card says for however long. For example, I drew 3 "chance" cards before getting a bonus card for the second round of challenges. I needed to play NFL Blitz, do a pillowcase race, and toss food into my mouth with my eyes closed, my opposite hand, and with a hand on my head. Needless to say, this did not bode well for me.

Finally, before each challenge, you must take a shot of beer to keep the drinks flowing. Keep track of you and your opponent's score throughout, after each bonus point earned, each challenge, and each trivia base is completed. Remember, you can always keep yourself in the game by completing the active bonus cards!

Provision: If a team is trailing by more than 20 points headed into the final trivia base (home plate), which is worth 20 points, the trailing team is allowed to complete as many active bonus cards as they can at 1/3 of the value on the card to get them within 20 points, so they can win.


Liquor, beer, wine, ping pong balls, pack of hot dogs, solo cups, Nintendo 64 or video game system, pillowcases, M&M's, nuts or grapes (for the food toss), a deck of cards, dice (for choosing the Historical Poem/Speech/Passage), computer, game board, and something to keep score.

That's it. You're allowed to revise the game board with games or ideas in line with what's already in your house. For example, if you do not have NFL Blitz, play paper football or Madden for a quarter instead. The game is easily manipulated and customizable for everyone quarantined but can be played on a rainy day, as well. You can also play with 1-4 people on each team! If more than 1 person is on a team, each round a player needs to complete a challenge. This game kept us entertained for 3 hours. We had a blast! Hopefully, this can provide a little fun while everyone is inside for the quarantine. Stay healthy and drink up!