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Beer Review: Victory - Storm King

Victory Brewing Company brought back Storm King, an Imperial Stout that tastes more like a Black IPA.

This was my first time seeing Storm King from Victory Brewing. Apparently, that's because this one hasn't been brewed in quite some time. It grabbed my attention because Victory always has good stuff, I love a good Imperial Stout, and the price was right for a six-pack.

Victory Brewing Storm King

Photo: Jim Sramek/On Tap Sports Net

The description on the Storm King bottle states it has a "thundering hop presence," and I could not agree more. This thing is absolutely loaded and I love it.

If you went into this thinking you were getting a Black IPA, it would be slightly more accurate than what you'd expect from an Imperial Stout. It has loads of hops and just a little bit of the coffee characteristics you'd get from a Stout. It's still dry, but with a sweet malty finish, and the boozy 9.1% ABV lingers around in the mouth.

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Storm King is a great beer that is definitely worth trying again. Again, think of it like getting an extra-strong Black IPA if that's your sort of thing. I know it is for me and I'm glad Victory decided to brew this one again.

Happy Drinking!

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