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Adidas and the NHL Team up to Make Sub-Par All-Star Jerseys Yet Again

Adidas made a bunch of practice jerseys for teams that probably aren't even going to actually practice.


Before the 2017-18 NHL season began, Adidas replaced Reebok as the conglomerate that created NHL jerseys. Now in their third year of doing so, Adidas has made some, well, interesting decisions with the NHL's esteemed sweaters. They have had two swings and misses at the Chicago Blackhawks' jersey collars. The Winnipeg Jets' alternate jersey might be the worst jersey in sports. And, when it comes to specialty game jerseys, such as Winter Classics and All-Star Games, shield your eyes.

On Wednesday morning, the NHL released the jerseys that the league's top players will don during the NHL All-Star Game in St. Louis. The jerseys are bland, boring, and lack any sort of flair. Which, when you think about it, is the perfect pairing with holding the game in the country's most bland and boring city, St. Louis.

Adidas had their first crack at All-Star jerseys in 2018, where the game was held in Tampa Bay. Since there are four teams in this All-Star tournament of sorts, Adidas and the NHL gave each team their own jersey. They did not do well with the jerseys, at all. Here are the 2018 NHL All-Star jerseys.


Would Adidas redeem themselves in 2019? Take a look.


It was surely an improvement. They ditched each team having their own jersey and simply created a black and white option for everyone to wear, featuring that players' team logo on the jersey. Improvement for sure, but it leaves you wanting more.

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2020 should have brought more. This is Adidas' third run at making these jerseys. It would be the second year going in the direction of team-inspired jerseys rather than making one for each division. They missed the mark.

Take a look at the 2020 NHL All-Star jerseys.


A couple things come to mind here. First, these are easily an improvement over last year. However, it still just doesn't quite do it for me. Why are some logos in black and white while others are colored? Nothing on the shoulders? Black and white again? Hit the snooze button, hockey fans.


These Spongebob-inspired striped sweaters just don't do it. They're too boring for a game that is supposed to be full of flair. Where is the color? Where is the advanced design? Adidas made a bunch of practice jerseys for teams that probably aren't even going to actually practice.

If this is what Adidas is going to produce for the All-Star Game, I propose that the NHL simply has each player wear their actual team's jersey for the game like Major League Baseball does. It showcases not only the players but team jerseys as well.

That will never happen because the NHL needs to sell All-Star jerseys. However, who in their right mind is buying this jersey? I love Patrick Kane as much as the next Blackhawks fan, but I'm not buying this All-Star striped sweater. Give me the red and white Blackhawks jerseys in this game. If that were the case, Patrick Kane would be the best dressed All-Star each and every year.