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Kyle Davidson: 'Won't Be Any Surprises' for Kane, Toews on Blackhawks Plans

If Kyle Davidson is true to his word, the remaining pillars of the Blackhawks' dynasty years will help shape the future.
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It's official: Kyle Davidson is now the 10th general manager in the history of the Chicago Blackhawks. Amidst a flurry of questions regarding the team's culture and direction, Davidson addressed an area that links directly to the locker room. The Blackhawks' new GM plans to keep franchise cornerstones Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews in the loop when it comes to the team's future plans.

"Jonathan and Patrick are extremely important pieces to the organization. They’re definitely going to be brought into the loop. There won’t be any surprises on their end on what we plan on doing with the organization," Davidson said.

What might those future plans entail?

"We’re going to look at more of a rebuild here. There’s some things that we need to fix that are going to take time," Davidson stated.

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Kyle Davidson Blackhawks GM Press Conference

Photo: Chicago Blackhawks/YouTube

It's no secret the Blackhawks roster requires plenty of work to become competitive, but hearing that word -- "rebuild" -- raises numerous questions. Will Kane and Toews be around for the process? Are other "core" players in danger of leaving town at the trade deadline?

Those questions won't have answers overnight, but the next three weeks should bring some clarity to the situation. And if Davidson is true to his word, the pair of Blackhawks' stars will be part of those conversations. It's certainly what Kane wanted.

"You know a lot about the league. So I think it’d be smart to lean on players, whether you’re asking about other guys in the league or guys on your team," Kane said leading up to the Blackhawks' GM decision.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews both have one year remaining on their identical contracts. That means there is time for the duo to build further rapport with Davidson and the front-office team he installs around him.

Make no mistake: changes are coming to the Blackhawks on and off the ice in the short and long term. But under Kyle Davidson's leadership, the remaining pillars of the dynasty years will presumably help shape the future.