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Blackhawks Hire Founder of CapFriendly, Dominik Zrim, as Manager of Hockey Strategy

The Blackhawks have hired CapFriendly founder, Dominik Zrim, as their new Manager of Hockey Strategy on Thursday.
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After the Blackhawks cut ties with numerous members of the front office on Thursday, the team hired the founder of CapFriendly, Dominik Zrim. Zrim will be the new Manager of Hockey Strategy for the Blackhawks.

CapFriendly is a salary cap and CBA-based website started by Zrim in 2015. As a fan of hockey and the numbers that power it, Zrim created the site after a similar site, CapGeek, shut down. Now, CapFriendly is one of the best resources for salary cap and CBA information for the common hockey fan.

The Blackhawks appear to be committing to analytics more than ever before. The Blackhawks were widely considered one of the most "old school" organizations in hockey. Based on the team's staffing changes earlier in the day, the Blackhawks are turning the page and buying into analytics and changing their organizational direction. Hiring Dominik Zrim is a key indication of that turn.

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