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Blackhawks Would Make Postseason in Proposed 24-Team Playoff

The Chicago Blackhawks would make the postseason for the first time in four years if the NHL chooses the proposed 24-team playoff format.
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Photo: Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

Since the last regular-season games played on March 11, the NHL has been postponed and league officials have been tossing around different ideas for when/if the season can resume. One of these proposed ideas is a 24-team playoff format instead of the typical 16 teams. This format would guarantee a playoff spot for the Chicago Blackhawks as the 12th seed in the Western Conference.

On Thursday's episode of Blackhawks Talk Podcast, Elliotte Friedman joined host Chris Boden and Blackhawks Insider Charlie Roumeliotis to discuss the current state of the NHL and his thoughts on the Blackhawks. When asked about the proposed ideas for postseason play, Friedman said:

...they're gonna try to have a creative tournament and one of the things they're gonna wanna capture eyeballs and one of the ways to capture eyeballs is make sure the Chicago Blackhawks and the Montreal Canadiens are in the playoffs.

- Elliotte Friedman / Blackhawks Talk Podcast

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Friedman is referring to the 24-team playoff format that would place the Blackhawks as the 12 seed in the west and the Montreal Canadiens in the east. According to Friedman, this is attractive to the league when discussing possible plans for when play resumes.

...if the calendar and the opportunity allows for it to happen I believe the league is gonna find a way to put those two teams in.

- Elliotte Friedman / Blackhawks Talk Podcast

Friedman is a trusted source in hockey, and all Blackhawks fans should hope he is right on this one.

Whether or not the Blackhawks make a good showing in the postseason is irrelevant at this point; just the possibility is enough to give fans hope and would make for a pleasant silver lining for such an odd end to the season.