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Chicago Blackhawks Settle with Kyle Beach

The Blackhawks and Kyle Beach have come to a confidential settlement closing the investigation that began in summer of 2020.
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On Wednesday, news broke that the Chicago Blackhawks and Kyle Beach have settled. The investigation and sexual assault scandal that came to light in early summer of 2020 has finally come to a legal end. Undoubtedly, this scandal will continue to raise questions about hockey culture as a whole, but the case itself is now closed.

Per the statement above, the settlement is confidential between the Blackhawks and Kyle Beach. However, the Blackhawks shared their hope that Beach will find peace and closure within the settlement.

What's the Next Move?

Going forward, what will be the next move from hockey and the Blackhawks as a whole? Will there be real change in the Blackhawks organization and will they earn the trust of fans back? As for hockey as a whole, how do you get rid of those who are toxic in today's world and move on from the old-school guys in hockey? These are all questions that will be raised in the coming weeks, months, and years following this case

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There is necessary change coming for hockey culture. Much of sports culture has some ignorant tendencies displayed to the entire world. It's a culture that is going to shift with the times, but how quickly? That will be monitored by the outside world and those within hockey.

For the Blackhawks, the real change will be moving past this dark shadow over the franchise. Now they can become the first-class organization that owner Rocky Wirtz preaches he expects his franchise to be.