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Current Blackhawks Hockey Operations Group Could Remain the Same for 2020 NHL Draft

The Blackhawks hockey operations group could reportedly remain the same for the 2020 NHL Draft.
Stan Bowman Blackhawks Rebuild

Photo: Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

On today's Blackhawks Talk Podcast, host Pat Boyle explained what he has been hearing around the Blackhawks organization about their plan moving forward with the current hockey operations group. Boyle said:

" of now what I'm hearing expect the current hockey ops group led by Stan [Bowman] to handle the upcoming draft and that no new president is named over the next few months and maybe up to six months."

- Pat Boyle / Blackhawks Talk Podcast

If true, this does make a lot of sense for the Blackhawks. The current hockey operations group has presumably done all the scouting for the draft and it would be difficult to bring in someone new from outside the organization at this time.

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Since John McDonough was relieved of his duties on April 27 and Daniel Wirtz was named interim president, there really hasn't been much information given to the public about the organization's plan moving forward.

The 2020 NHL Draft was originally scheduled for June 26-27, but it has yet to be determined when the draft will now take place due to the postponement of the season.

Gary Bettman and the NHL have proposed to have the draft still take place in June before the conclusion of the season, but no official decision has been made yet. Whenever the draft does take place, expect the current Blackhawks hockey operations group to make all the decisions.

The Blackhawks are likely to have a top-ten pick in the 2020 NHL Draft.