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Four Feathers Podcast: Episode 11 - Dark Days

Listen to Episode 11 of Four Feathers
Stan Bowman

Episode Air Date: 12/5/18

Tony Marchese, Ron Luce, Jonnie Nonnie, and Tyler Jones discuss the past week of Blackhawks games, numbers behind the Hawks struggles, teddy bear tosses, and the week ahead. The show concludes with some Four Feathers content ideas and how the Seattle expansion franchise will affect the Blackhawks.

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0:27 - Intro
3:44 - Last Week of Games
18:00 - Why the Hawks are so bad: Ineffective Possession and Abysmal Special Teams
40:05 - Any Positives?
42:03 - Prospect Report
47:40 - Teddy Bear Toss Season
50:32 - Blackhawks Boxed Wine Toss Season
52:13 - The Week Ahead
53:45 - Which Blackhawk Gets Ejected Next?
54:54 - Tyler’s David Kampf Challenge
55:55 - Four Feathers Digital Shorts Brainstorming Session
57:42 - Seattle Expansion Approved: How it Affects the Blackhawks
1:17:10 - Wrap Up

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