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Four Feathers Podcast: Episode 16 - Jillian Fisher

Listen to Episode 16 of Four Feathers with Jillian Fisher
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Episode Air Date: 1/15/19

Jonnie Nonnie and Tony Marchese talk about the past week of Blackhawks games and the Jan Rutta/Slater Koekkoek trade before being joined by hockey video creator Jillian Fisher. Jillian discusses her video production process, creative inspiration, what she thinks of the Chicago Blackhawks, Gritty, the Seattle expansion franchise, 2019 Stanley Cup favorites, and several other NHL-related topics. The show wraps up with a look at the week ahead for the Blackhawks.

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0:36 - Intro
1:09 - Blackhawks Last Week of Games
11:16 - Jan Rutta/Slater Koekkoek Trade
21:12 - Jillian Fisher Interview
1:18:52 - Thank You Jillian
1:20:55 - The Week Ahead for the Blackhawks
1:26:00 - Wrap Up

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