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Four Feathers Podcast: Episode 19 - We're Going Streaking!

Listen to Episode 19 of Four Feathers
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Episode Air Date: 2/7/19

Tony Marchese and Jonnie Nonnie discuss the past week of games, why the Blackhawks have flipped the switch, and numbers behind the push for the playoffs. The show wraps up with a prospect report and a look at the week ahead.

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0:17 - Intro
1:29 - Past Week of Games
9:15 - Patrick Kane is a Point Scoring Machine
10:04 - Breaking Down Why the Blackhawks are BUZZING
21:36 - Pushing for the Playoffs: Stats Behind the Switch Being Flipped
31:45 - BLACK TUX AD
31:48 - Prospect Report
33:02 - The Week Ahead
36:51 - Wrap Up

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