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Four Feathers Podcast: Episode 26 - Third Overall in the Draft, Baby!

Listen to Episode 26 of Four Feathers
Draft Lottery

Episode Air Date: 4/11/19

Tony Marchese, Patrick Comiskey, Jonnie Nonnie, and Ron Luce discuss the Blackhawks getting the third overall pick in the upcoming draft and look at a number of potential players who could be selected. The show closes out with an update on prospects in their playoff games followed by some Stanley Cup Playoff talk.

0:16 - Intro
1:29 - The Blackhawks Have the Third Overall Draft Pick
8:45 - Reviewing Potential Draftees
36:35 - Would You Potentially Trade the Pick?
43:26 - ANCHOR AD
44:25 - Prospect Report
45:23 - Stanley Cup Playoff Talk
55:24 - Wrap Up

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