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Organizational Earthquake: Blackhawks Announce Changes in Front Office Amid Investigation Findings

The Blackhawks announced numerous front office changes amid the findings from the investigation regarding Brad Aldrich on Tuesday.
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According to numerous reports, the Chicago Blackhawks are shaking up the front office. As a result of the Jenner & Block findings from the sexual assault investigation, Al McIsaac is one casualty. As reported by Frank Seravelli first, the senior vice president of hockey operations is departing from the organization.

In addition, what makes this intriguing is the Wirtz's, Rocky and Danny, said they did not know of the allegations from 2010 until just before the lawsuits were filed.

The investigation firm shared a lot of details from the incident in the press conference, including all the names that were aware of the situation. Many of the names are important names to the Blackhawks and other franchises currently in the NHL.

In addition, the largest bomb of the day was the announcement regarding Stan Bowman, who is no longer with the organization. Bowman reportedly stepped down on Tuesday after the findings of the report were shared with the Blackhawks.

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What Brad Aldrich did to John Doe is incredibly wrong. In addition, Aldrich reportedly made an advance on a Blackhawks intern around the same time. What makes matters worse is the organization had to discuss how to handle everything rather than simply address it. Now, everyone involved will suffer the consequences.

Moving Forward

With the departure of Stan Bowman, Al McIsaac, and others, the Blackhawks have named Kyle Davidson the interim general manager.

Davidson has been with the organization since 2011 and is only 33 years old. That said, Davidson will certainly not remain GM after this season, but the Blackhawks have now removed everyone involved in the incident. Davidson serves as the team's vice president of hockey strategy and analytics.

To be frank, its a tragedy that this is what things came to. Why the organization and those involved did not run this up to ownership and handle it at the time is discouraging and wrong. That said, those involved have been removed and the Blackhawks can move on. Nonetheless, the Blackhawks should still feel shame for how this entire situation involving Aldrich was handled from top to bottom.

The Blackhawks will play their first game since the investigation's findings were handed over to the team on Wednesday, October 27. The Hawks welcome the Toronto Maple Leafs to town for a Wednesday night showdown at the United Center.