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REACTION: Former Blackhawk and 'John Doe', Kyle Beach, Speaks Out Amid Investigation Results

Kyle Beach has revealed his identity amid the sexual assault investigation results. The former Blackhawk is brave in speaking out amid the news.
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Kyle Beach Blackhawks

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This is a piece to inform the public about a factual situation that has happened. However, it is more so about the courage and bravery Kyle Beach displayed in speaking out about the sexual abuse he endured while with the Blackhawks organization in 2010.

Kyle Beach stepping forward and owning the "John Doe" alias amid the release of the sexual assault investigation results is incredible. It is incredible in the sense that he has taken control back of the rumors, whispers, and uncertainties about his situation. In fact, Kyle said it perfectly while speaking to TSN earlier today.

A True Display of Courage and Bravery

Good for Kyle Beach. Good for a young man, labeled a first-round bust, among other awful things, to take back control of his life after one of the most traumatic events one could ever possibly endure. In fact, as he mentioned in his discussion with TSN, he feels relief, and hopefully that relief leads to peace.

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Not only is Kyle's story now known, but he now has the support of countless members of the hockey world. Whether it be fans, writers, and so forth, those that love the sport and love people have rallied around Kyle Beach amid the release of what was a massive secret and rumor for too long.

What happened in the past to Kyle cannot be redacted. However, now that Kyle's side of the story has been told, shared, digested, and pondered by those that read the report, he can now hopefully move forward. Hopefully for Kyle, the future is better than the past. For Kyle, hopefully he can walk through life with a sense of peace knowing its no longer his word against the world.

Kyle, we support you. Human to human, we hope you find peace and are able to heal. Now that your side of the story has been told, we as people hope you find what you're looking for as you move forward with your life.