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Team USA and Canada Release New Olympic Hockey Jerseys

Check out the new looks for the American and Canadian hockey teams ahead of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.
USA Canada Olympics Hockey Jerseys

Photos: USAHockey/Twitter | TSN_Sports/Twitter

With the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on the horizon, Chicago hockey fans are excited to see Patrick Kane, Seth Jones, and (likely) Alex DeBrincat skate for the Americans. As the build-up continues, Team USA and one of their biggest rivals, Canada, recently dropped new threads.

Let's take a look at each country's new look.

Team USA

The Americans have always sported interesting looks at the Olympics. The last time around featured the shield, and this year's Team USA jersey has a classic letter look with a modern twist -- metallic lettering.

Here is what Team USA has to say about their design:

"American pride and ingenuity were the inspiration behind the USA Hockey look. The new USA Hockey jersey pays homage to America’s industrial past, while representing the future of innovation and technology. The USA wordmark across the front chest uses a bold type and precise details to create a beveled metallic aesthetic.

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In a nod to America’s symbols, a subtle band of stars is set between red, white and blue stripes that surround the chest and arms on the home and away jerseys. Drawing inspiration from American 'muscle cars' and traditionally bold hockey designs, Team USA’s alternate jersey bears a deep blue double stripe running around the chest and arms. 

USA Hockey’s traditional shield is outlined in gold and stitched to the shoulder as a badge of honor. The internal back neck message, 'Driven By Pride' serves as a reminder to athletes and fans that they are, in part, driven by the pride of competing for their country in the Olympics and Paralympics."

Team USA went modern while keeping some old elements in this look. The design is simple but still has deep meaning. Fans likely won't be overly thrilled upon first glance, but perhaps the new look will gain appreciation with further understanding of the design.

Team Canada

The Canadians knocked their design out of the park. They continued their tradition of using the famous maple leaf but adjusted the design on the leaf's veins so they could have more fun with it. Team Canada has one color set as white with the red maple leaf. The other two feature black maple leaves with red outlines on black and red fields. It’s simple but uniquely eye-catching.

Here is what Team Canada had to say about their inspiration:

"We all know that Team Canada is a force of nature. So, it’s fitting that the design was inspired by northern storms, which are fast-moving cold fronts that originate from the north and send strong winds south, causing temperatures to plummet rapidly. Graphic lines on the maple leaf crest give dimension to the design, but are also representative of how snow and Arctic winds are shown on weather maps. Those weather map-type lines also appear on the shoulder yoke of the black jersey, creating a subtle maple leaf pattern."

Team Canada and their supporters should be really happy with the design. Now the question becomes: will they play as well as they look?