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The Nightmare Lives On: Blues Advance to Stanley Cup Final

Arguably the Blackhawks biggest rival, the St Louis Blues have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final.

As if things haven't been bad enough in the world of Chicago Blackhawks fans over the last four years, the hockey team that resides four hours down I-55 just added insult to injury. Arguably the Blackhawks biggest rival, the St. Louis Blues have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final.

The Blues will take on the team who was on the wrong side of the greatest 17 seconds in Blackhawks history in 2013, the Boston Bruins. St. Louis' improbable run has been hard to watch and impressive as hell all at the same time.

On January 2nd, the Blues were in last place in the entire NHL. Not a single team had a worse record. They fired head coach Mike Yeo, replaced him with Craig Berube and never looked back. Four and a half months later, they are four wins away from the Stanley Cup.

As a Hawks fan, that is incredibly hard to stomach. The Blues have always been something for Hawks fans to laugh at over the last decade. They've never won the Stanley Cup. They've had great team after great team, but always fell on their face. Imagine a world where we can no longer make them the butt of our jokes.

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Imagine a world where we, as devoted fans of hockey and hating the Blues, have to retire these works of art. It feels wrong. It feels depressing. All good things do tend to come to an end though. This Blues team had the feel of a team ready to do something big when these playoffs began. Remember who told you that in the Four Feathers playoff preview?


Now, I completely nailed the Stanley Cup Final prediction. Not to brag, but props to me. Hopefully, I also get the Stanley Cup winner prediction right as well and we don't have to retire the above memes. For the sake of mine and the rest of Blackhawks fans' sanity, Let's Go Bruins.

In all seriousness, however, huge props to the Blues. Their run to the Cup Final has been incredibly impressive. Two juggernauts are about to meet one another. I believe as I have all along that Boston will come out on top. However, as nightmarish as it sounds, St. Louis winning the Cup wouldn't surprise me all that much. This team is rolling.

Featured Photo: USA Today