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Alize Johnson Joins Rest of Bulls Roster on COVID List

Bulls forward Alize Johnson has joined nearly the rest of the roster in the NBA's health and safety protocols for COVID-19.
Alize Johnson Bulls

Photo: Kamil Krzaczynski/USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls' COVID-19 outbreak continues with Alize Johnson joining the mix.

The Bulls have eight active players, which is the minimum for a league game. This includes a handful of guys from the Windy City Bulls, who had to cancel their weekend games to prop up the NBA team.

With Chicago having a game on Tuesday and no help in sight, they have requested to have the game be canceled so they can help contain the outbreak. While fans argue these games don’t represent the team's actual abilities, the NBA also needs to look at it from a safety standpoint for Chicago and its opponents. With one more COVID-19 casualty, the NBA may have their hand forced to cancel a game or two.

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Coby White, the first Bulls player to catch COVID-19, returned to practice on Sunday but is still miles away from being game-ready. This should be a safe assumption for others among the first batch of Bulls players to catch COVID-19 as well.