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Zach LaVine Poised to Play First Season as Max Player On His Own Terms

The Bulls' guard has his own bucket list of things he wants to accomplish after signing richest contract in franchise history in July.
Zach LaVine Chicago Bulls Contract


Not long after he signed a contract to remain with the Chicago Bulls in July, Zach LaVine was asked about the pressure associated with receiving the richest deal in franchise history.

LaVine was adamant his new five-year, $215 million contract wouldn’t double as an albatross.

As his first season as a max player draws nearer — and with it, the expectation of helping the Bulls further along in the playoffs — LaVine hasn’t changed his tune.  

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"People really don't have to worry about that side,” LaVine recently told People, "'cause I think for me, I have my own bucket list and checklists and things that I want to accomplish for myself.

"You know, I continue to go out there and play the way I am, have been, continue to, to try to lead the team to wins and get deeper and deeper into the playoffs."

Clinching a second-round berth in the playoffs for the first time in eight years figures to be a tall task. Throw concerns over Lonzo Ball’s health into the equation and the Chicago Bulls may be left to climb the Eastern Conference with ice skates on.

Good thing Zach LaVine is up for a challenge.