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Bulls' Forward Thaddeus Young Cleared for Physical Activity

The Bulls' forward has been inactive throughout the preseason as he recovers from a staph infection.
Thad Young Injury

Photo: Nick Wass/Associated Press

Bulls' forward Thaddeus Young has been cleared for physical activity for the first time since he was declared inactive before the Bulls' first preseason game.

Young has been battling a lower-leg staph infection called MRSA, a very serious bacterial infection that nearly ended Grant Hill's career. How Young developed the infection is currently unknown.

While Young was declared inactive before the Bulls' first preseason game, the Bulls' forward did actually warm up on the United Center court just hours before tipoff. That is when his leg became numb and started to swell.

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Grant Hill contracted MRSA back in March of 2003 after a leg operation. He was hospitalized for one week, during which doctors thought the infection could even be fatal, highlighting just how serious this situation is for Young.

Hill was able to play 67 games during the 2004-05 NBA season, but he had the advantage of resting for six months before playing an NBA game. Currently, there is no timetable for Young's return.

Young put together a decent first season in Chicago, averaging just over ten points per game along with nearly five rebounds per game on 44.8% field-goal shooting. The 14-year veteran still has two seasons left on his Bulls contract, which will pay him roughly $13.5 million in base salary this season.