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Bulls On Tap Verdict: What the Bulls Will and Should Do With 4th Pick

The Bulls On Tap crew predicts what Arturas will do with the 4th pick and offers their opinions on what the new Bulls front-office head should do.
Bulls Draft Pick

Photo: Aaron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post

For the last several weeks, the Bulls On Tap team has been debating internally as to what new Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Arturas Karnisovas will do with the Bulls' first-round pick of the 2020 NBA Draft.

As we are now within striking range of the long-awaited draft day, the Bulls On Tap crew give out their predictions on what they think will happen with the fourth overall pick and what the Bulls should do with that top-five spot.

Buzz (@BuzzOnTap)

What SHOULD the Bulls do?:

The Bulls should go for top-tier talent in this draft. For too long, this organization has been drafting complementary pieces. Take a swing. If they miss? At least they tried and will be back in the lottery again to learn from their mistakes. The top-tier talent I’d like for them to go for most is LaMelo Ball.

What WILL the Bulls do?:

I think the Bulls will stay put at the fourth pick. My prediction is that they will select Deni Avdija at that spot.

Deni Avdija Bulls

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Justin (@just_wasik):

What SHOULD the Bulls do?:

Very simple. The Bulls should draft the best player available at four. I wouldn’t mind seeing them trade down if they knew they could get their preferred target with the sixth, seventh, or eighth pick, but I think the best player available is Killian Hayes and he will be there for the taking if the Bulls stay put. He will be the best player out of this draft.

Killian Hayes NBA Draft

Photo: Harry Langer/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

What WILL the  Bulls do?:

They won’t pick Killian Hayes. I think they will pick LaMelo Ball if they think he drops to them at four. They won’t trade up for him (at least I hope they don’t). Trading down to picks 6-8 is a possibility as well and I don’t hate it, but I think the likeliest scenario is staying put at four and selecting Deni Avdija.

Bulls Scripted (@BullScripted):

What SHOULD the Bulls do?:

I’d like them to take a big swing on top-tier talent. If they covet a LaMelo Ball, I’d like the Bulls to do whatever it takes within reason to get him, including a trade. Role players are interchangeable and the core four (Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen, Coby White, and Wendell Carter Jr.) won’t be able to be retained in full if they all reach their potential anyways.

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LaMelo Ball NBA Draft

Photo: Rick Rycroft/Associated Press

What WILL the Bulls do?:

I personally think they’re going to wait it out at the fourth pick to avoid trading extra assets to move up. If a prospect at the top of their board isn’t available, they will try to trade back for extra value as their workouts with Kira Lewis Jr. and Tyrese Haliburton suggest. A player like Deni Avdija may intrigue them enough to stay put at four.

Rob (@BullsGuyRob):

What SHOULD/WILL the Bulls do?:

What I think they should and will do are one in the same. The Bulls will trade down, specifically to the seventh pick currently held by the Pistons. The Pistons either throw in a future protected first-round pick or exchange Derrick Rose for Tomas Satoransky. The Pistons will take Obi Toppin at four and the Bulls will select Patrick Williams at seven.

Patrick Williams Bulls

Photo: Mark Wallheiser/Associated Press

Matt (@ChiBerk96):

What SHOULD the Bulls do?:

I think the Bulls should trade the fourth pick to the Hawks at the sixth pick. The Hawks will select Deni Avdija and the Bulls will take Patrick Williams, who has been flying up the mock draft boards as of late. The Bulls will pick up a young prospect from Atlanta, maybe a Cam Reddish.

What WILL the Bulls do?:

I do think the Bulls will trade down, but not all the way to 13. I think they will trade down to the sixth pick (Atlanta) or the eighth pick (Knicks) to select Killian Hayes and pick up one of those two team’s young prospects.

Killian Hayes NBA Draft

Photo: Harry Langer/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

That will wrap up the Bulls On Tap crew's desires and predictions for how the Bulls will handle the fourth overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

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