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BULLSBuzz: All-2010’s Bulls Team

Who’s in your All-2010’s team?
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Yo! It’s your dude Buzz here! My guy Patrick Flowers has started this awesome project where we here at OnTap are choosing our favorite 2010 teams. So naturally, I am going to give the Bulls a shot because, why not?!?

POINT GUARD: Derrick Rose

(Photo Credit: NBCSports.Com)

Was there any other choice? I had to go with the youngest MVP in NBA history. Chicago Native Derrick Rose put the Bulls back on the map. D Rose was a fan favorite who made watching this team exciting again. I could add stats and all the jazz, but I’m not going to. This is my list, dammit.

Shooting Guard: Jimmy Butler

(Photo Credit: SlamOnline.Com)

As much as Jimmy pissed me off in his last year in Chicago, I have to admit he was the best Shooting Guard this decade. I was super stoked in 2011 when the Bulls took Jimmy with the 30th pick out of Marquette. I can remember saying this kid was going to be an All-Star and he proved me right. Jimmy was a three-time All-Star with the Bulls and embody that Blue Collar toughness Chicago fans love.

Small Forward: Luol Deng

(Photo Credit: NBCSports.Com)

The ultimate glue guy, Luol Deng. Luol was a two time All-Star for the Bulls and was arguably the best defender they had in the decade. Lu was always a model of consistency and truly a favorite of mine. This year Lu was able to retire a Chicago Bull and it was truly deserved.

Power Forward: Pau Gasol

(Photo Credit: NBCSports.Com)

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Lord knows I am not picking Carlos Boozer. This one was tough because I am a huge Taj Gibson fan but I had to go with Pau. Pau joined the Bulls in the 2014-15 NBA season and was an instant upgrade. Pau was an All-Star in both seasons he spent in Chicago. I understand only two years out of the decade isn’t a long time but Pau was the most talented four the Bulls had.

Center: Joakim Noah

(Photo Credit: USAToday.Com)


The best Center of the decade is Joakim Noah. No question about it. Jo was that guy on your team you loved so much while opposing fans hated his guts. Jo was a two-time All-Star and the 2013-2014 NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Heart, hustle, and muscle is the way Stacey King defined him and that’s the truth. I miss having Jo at the UC suiting up but I am glad to see he still comes around from time to time.

Sixth Man: Kirk Hinrich

(Photo Credit: NBA.Com)


Okay, I understand he wasn’t the sixth man but he was supposed to be. Kirk was going to backup D Rose when he came back from injury but we all know how that turned out. I just had to have Kirk on this list. Besides Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose, Kirk is my favorite Bull of all time. Though he was never an all-star, he was a hard-nosed defender who can step out and hit the three. I’ve got nothing but love for Kirk and like I said, he needed to be on this list.

Head Coach: Tom Thibodeau

(Photo Credit: NBCSports.Com)

Thibs was the fastest Head Coach to reach 100 wins while coaching the Bulls. At one time he boasted a record of 100-30. Thibs had his flaws, like playing his starters 39 minutes a game just to ensure a win but he was good for us. My favorite part about him is not putting up with any of GarPax’s nonsense.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my take on the All-2010’s Bulls team. Did you agree? Did you disagree? Hit me up on Twitter and let’s talk about it.