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Bulls Possible Frontrunners For Knicks C Mitchell Robinson

Could the Bulls end up with Mitchell Robinson?
Chicago Bulls New York Knicks Center Mitchell Robinson

Photo: New York Post/Charles Wenzelberg

Could the Chicago Bulls make a splash at the center position? Prior to the trade deadline this past season, the New York Knicks were in the market to shop their 24-year-old center, Mitchell Robinson.

However, twenty-four hours before the deadline, the team put an end to that and decided to keep the big man.

During that time, the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls were in talks of possibly trading for Robinson. But the Pistons are likely to pursue a big man in the NBA Draft with the fifth overall pick.

The New York Post reported that the Bulls have been doing their research on Mitchell Robinson ahead of the July 1 free-agency period.

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Do The Chicago Bulls End Up With Mitchell Robinson and Does He Fit?

The Knicks drafted Mitchell Robinson with the sixth pick in the second round of the 2018 NBA Draft, 36th overall. The center has shown he can be a top rim protector in the league.

His interior defensive skills are something the Chicago Bulls look to acquire to play alongside Nikola Vucevic.

In his first four seasons, Mitchell Robinson averaged 2.0 BPG and 7.5 RPG. It has been reported that Robinson is looking for a long-term deal that would be around $11 million per year.

But the Bulls will likely commit to re-signing Zach LaVine before making any other moves with big salaries attached.

Obtaining a cheaper big, that can protect the inside, might be the better option than possibly making a big trade to acquire someone like Rudy Gobert or Deandre Ayton.