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Coby White is Finding His Stride in Zach LaVine's Absence

Coby White is starting to find his stride within the Chicago Bulls starting lineup over the last nine games.
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Coby White is starting to find his stride within the Chicago Bulls starting lineup over the last few games. Whether it's him picking his spots shooting the ball, or choosing to get his teammates involved when his shot isn't falling, he's making the right plays.

Over Coby's last five games he is averaging, 32.3 MPG, 19.8 PPG, 3.6 RPG, 5.4 APG, and 2.2 TPG. Coby is shooting 50% from the field, 38.9% from downtown, and shooting 95% from the free-throw line on four attempts per game. He is also a +28 in +/-. All Bull fans' know Coby isn't the most stout defender, but the effort has been there. He's averaging about one steal per game in this five game-stretch and has improved on his help, as well as man-to-man defense. This clip provided by Stephen Noh show's a sequence where Coby has been doing it on both ends.

It seems like the game is starting to slow down for White. Many times this season, we have seen Coby struggle within himself to be a facilitator or a scorer. Now, more than earlier in the season, it seems he knows when to attack and when to let the offense come to him. He's been using his length to get to the rim and break down opposing defenses and, when that doesn't work, Coby is making the necessary pass to an open teammate to get a higher percentage shot.

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Since being reinserted into the starting lineup, Coby has been playing the point guard position in a way that fans and the front office have wanted to see. He's able to bring the ball up the floor and get his teammates into position, while being able to break down defenses and get open looks for the shooters that surround him.

When he plays off-ball and breaks towards the perimeter, he's finding success there as well. Coby is averaging 37.8% on catch and shoot from downtown. He is finding ways to impact the game and help his team succeed, which will make it difficult for Billy Donovan to move him back to the bench once Zach LaVine returns.

Coby has been somewhat of an enigma this year. Now that he is putting it together and has played a fantastic string of basketball, it may be worth it for the Chicago Bulls front office to re-evaluate if White can be a starting NBA point guard moving forward.