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Daniel Gafford Comments on Jim Boylen: "Don't Like Him A Lot, But He's Okay"

Daniel Gafford was candid about Jim Boylen while streaming on Twitch, saying that he doesn't really like Boylen and the Bulls' coach has things to work on as a person and as a coach.
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Yesterday, co-host of our spectacular Bulls On Tap podcast, BullScripted, dropped a clip of Chicago Bulls' center Daniel Gafford commenting on Jim Boylen during a stream. The rookie was asked if he likes Boylen in the chat, and Gafford gave a candid response:

"He aight. Don't like him a lot, but he okay. Got some things he can work on. Got some things he can get better at--as a person and as a coach. Not gonna hate on him. Not gonna hate the man."

- Daniel Gafford on Bulls head coach Jim Boylen

That is probably more of an honest answer than the person who asked the question anticipated. Gafford seems like a no-nonsense kind of player on the court, so it makes sense that he would have the same attitude away from, but the man straight-up said he doesn't really like his head coach.

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Now, of course, Bulls' fans get it. It would make sense if every Bulls' player came out and talked about not liking Boylen. There was almost a straight-up mutiny in less than a week when Boylen took over and started running grueling practices after games. But still, Gafford's level of honesty here is not typically how players conduct themselves. Usually, players are a little more cordial and not willing to literally say they don't like their current coach.

I respect Gafford for saying what he said and how he said it. It's not like what he's saying isn't true. Boylen literally refused to call a timeout when Gafford was injured in a game against the Dallas Mavericks, and Mavs' head coach Rick Carlisle had to do it for him. I wouldn't like my coach much for doing that, either, and I certainly would think he has a lot to work on as a person and as a coach afterward. Bottom line, we all know Boylen has a lot to work on because he isn't a very good coach. We also know that, likely, Bulls' players don't like the man. Still, it is interesting to hear Gafford come out and say it like that.

You can watch Gafford's comments below:

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