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DeMar DeRozan Says Zach LaVine Is The Best Player He's Played With

In a recent interview, Bulls' offseason acquisition DeMar DeRozan said Zach LaVine is the best player he's played with.
DeMar DeRozan Zach LaVine


In an interview with NBA news reporter Shams Charania, Chicago Bulls' offseason acquisition DeMar DeRozan said Zach LaVine is the most talented player he's ever played with.

“I haven’t played with a talent at that wing position like Zach (LaVine). I want to put everything I’ve been through in my career, share that with him, win together.”

- DeMar DeRozan via Shams Charania/Stadium

The Zach LaVine praise didn't stop there either. DeRozan said that Zach is a one-of-a-kind player with his combination of athleticism and scoring ability. DeMar added that LaVine's NBA journey to date has been really hard and he deserves to show his skill in the playoffs.

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The former Spurs star also said the team's chemistry is working a lot easier than he thought it would. DeRozan thinks the team is finally stocked with players that just want to win, which is certainly a breath of fresh air for Bulls fans. He's been a fan of several other new teammates as well.

DeRozan claims that he felt disrespected in free agency. He took a lot of offense to the suggestion that he should take less money in free agency. He was especially frustrated by the narratives surrounding his play that came about during the offseason.

DeRozan added that Chicago was always a team on his radar during free agency. In fact, the only other team that he really considered was the Los Angeles Lakers, which was due to the Lakers' proximity to his hometown of Compton, California.

As for his time with the Spurs, DeMar noted that he learned a lot under Greg Popovich. And it's clear where his game improved. DeRozan averaged a career-high 6.9 assists per game last season.

Finally, he is excited to be more of a leader for this Bulls team. The 32-year-old NBA veteran expressed enthusiasm about bringing the things he learned while with the Spurs back to Chicago.