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Horace Grant Fires Back at Michael Jordan Over 'The Last Dance' Comments

The four-time NBA champion did not take kindly to what Michael Jordan had to say on 'The Last Dance.'
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Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Horace Grant appeared on the ESPN 1000's Kap & Company radio show and he was not pleased with Michael Jordan. During 'The Last Dance' docuseries that aired on ESPN over the last five weeks, Michael Jordan accused Horace Grant of giving vital information to the media.

His Airness accused Horace of talking to famed Chicago Bulls sportswriter Sam Smith about the issues that were taking place within the Chicago Bulls locker room. The 'Jordan Rules' book was written and became a huge success.

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Horace did not take kindly to what MJ had to say in the docuseries and made that evident on Kap & Company. He stated that if you question MJ at all in a negative light, he does anything he can to destroy your character. Horace even mentions how Jordan still refuses to talk to Charles Barkley to this day over Barkley criticizing his managerial decisions with the Charlotte Hornets.

Additionally, after calling being called a snitch, Horace fires back about Jordan calling out his teammates in the docuseries. MJ had said his teammates were more focused on cocaine and women than winning during his rookie year.

After hearing both viewpoints, who's side are you on?