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Isaiah Thomas Wants to Play for the Chicago Bulls

Isaiah Thomas said he wants to play for the Chicago Bulls on IG Live.
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On Instagram Live last night, free agent point guard Isaiah Thomas said that he has always wanted to play for the Chicago Bulls. In the past decade, that is not a statement that we have heard from very many players, so it catches our eye whenever someone actually says it.

Daniel Greenberg tweeted about Thomas's statement earlier today.

There are two interesting takeaways from Thomas making these statements.

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One, Isaiah Thomas is a somewhat recognizable name saying he wants to play for the Chicago Bulls. As mentioned above, that doesn't happen much. Thomas is not that long removed from scoring nearly 29 points per game in Boston, and his three-point shooting has remained consistently solid throughout his time in the NBA. He's a career 36% shooter from deep on 5.3 attempts per game. In 40 games with the Washington Wizards this past season, Thomas shot 41.3% from 3 on 4.7 attempts per game while contributing 12.2 points per game and 3.7 assists per game in 23.1 minutes per game.

Two, Thomas credited Zach LaVine with why he wants to play in Chicago. LaVine is a polarizing player to the NBA fanbase, and fans are split between thinking he has legitimate star potential and thinking he is--at best--the third option on a team that actually wants to win. Regardless of where fans stand, the new front office of the Bulls is clearly valuing Zach's voice in decision making, so they seem to see LaVine as a cornerstone for the foreseeable future. If LaVine has connections and good relationships with NBA players, that is potentially very exciting for a team that will have decent cap space in 2021.

Will Isaiah Thomas play for the Chicago Bulls, then? Probably not. The Bulls don't need another guard who brings scoring, but not defense, to the table. He'd also be the type of signing you would see the old front office make because he has some name recognition, but he does not truly help the team win. Still, it is exciting to hear that players see playing in Chicago with Zach LaVine as an exciting opportunity.

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