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Jerry Reinsdorf is "Reportedly" Livid at the Chicago Bulls 6-12 Start

Hold everyone accountable, Jerry!
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Photo: Chicago Tribune

Photo: Chicago Tribune

Reports are starting to surface that Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf is "livid" with the team's start this season.

So, what do we see pop up? Jerry is thinking about turning the heat up on current Chicago Bulls general manager, Gar Forman. Really, Jerry? Just Gar, huh? How about turning up the heat on every single one of them. I know Mr. Paxson hit some bigs shots for you back when I was just a twinkle in my father's eye, but that was long ago. This whole management team has been a colossal failure since day one.

Since 2003, John Paxson has been involved in the Chicago Bulls management team. Over 17 years, Paxson has helped the team make the playoffs 11 times. Some would say that's not too bad, but it's the NBA and the Eastern Conference where half the time a team that's .500 or just a smidge below can make the playoffs. Just once in 17 years have they gotten "close" to sniffing the NBA Finals. That was because of then-Chicago Bull and the youngest NBA MVP EVER, Derrick Rose. So needless to say, Paxson should be on the hot seat too.

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As far as Gar Forman goes, he can pack his shit too. Gar took over the general manager reins from John Paxson in 2009. He has been with the franchise since 1998 when he was hired as a scout.

Listen, Gar can scout talent and draft, I'll give him that. Countless All-Stars have been drafted, All-NBA Players, Defensive Players Of The Year, All-NBA Rookies, the list goes on and on. The problem with Gar is that he doesn't know how to put everything together. That could also be because Paxson may not let him, but I don't know that for a fact because I obviously do not work inside the Bulls organization.

Seven head coaches have been hired in Paxson's tenure. Four have been hired since Gar took over as the team's GM. My point of all this is, Jerry, don't just look at Gar. Look at your management team as a whole. Put the stupid ass loyalty away and really see what's going on here. Don't just make Gar the scapegoat for Paxson. If you fire one of them, you need to fire both.

Also, add Jim Boylen to the hot seat too, that dude is terrible! GarPax should be fired for taking "interim" off his title, making him the head coach and extending him. When will the awful decisions these two make finally be met with repercussions?

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