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Mo Bamba Interested in Joining the Chicago Bulls

Mo Bamba is interested in joining the Bulls.
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Mo Bamba Bulls

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Well, here we go. The rumors are flying and big man Mo Bamba is linked to the Chicago Bulls. There is one tiny problem though. It doesn't appear that the Bulls are interested in Bamba. Not because of his skill-set, but because of the asking price.

Bamba could be seeking anywhere from $13-$15 million a year. The problem is, the Bulls do not want to go that high. Now, they could offer Bamba the full MLE, but it's being reported that the Bulls don't want to do that. Once again, not because they do not think Bamba is worth it, but the Bulls may not want to pay the tax.

Honestly, Bamba is an ideal fit for the Bulls needs. He provides strong interior defense and can step out to hit the three. If there is interest there, the Bulls should capitalize on it. Now, it is important to remember a ton of rumors are flying around and none of us know for certain what the Bulls will do. If there is a player that can help the team's needs, this front office will exhaust all options.

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