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Ranking the Bulls City Edition Jerseys Over the Years

After the proposal of the question, we rank the Bulls' City Edition jerseys over the years in the eyes of our author.
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Bulls City Edition Jerseys


On Tuesday night, the Bulls Talk Twitter account posed an interesting question. They asked how the fans would rank the Chicago Bulls City Edition jerseys from the last five years. It's a fair question, as the Bulls have had perhaps the best and most diverse City Edition uniforms across the entire NBA.

They asked, so we'll answer. Here is my personal ranking of these uniforms, and we'll start with No. 5.

#5: Bulls City Edition 2019-20

As the third year of City Edition jerseys came around, the league may have become slightly lazy with the Bulls' design. In fact, they simply made the jerseys the last color of the Chicago city flag and said, "poof, here you go." Unfortunately, they missed on the light blue jerseys in 2019-20.



Having the bull in the middle of the jersey is very cool. However, the blue is too much and takes away from the team's incredible color scheme. Although the relation to the city is there, these are my least favorite of the five City Edition jerseys.

#4: Bulls City Edition 2017-18

I'm sure I'll catch some heat for the whole list, but definitely for the placement of the original City Edition jerseys. These jerseys were sensational, taking the city flag and slapping it into a beautiful uniform. The jersey possesses the incredible script across the chest, as well as the simplicity in incorporating the flag into the jersey.

Photo: The Athletic

Photo: The Athletic

Don't get it twisted, these jerseys are lovely. However, I have a love for the upcoming three that slightly trumps my love for these beauties.

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#3: Bulls City Edition 2018-19

Sure, black is played out in a lot of alternate jerseys across all sports. However, the way the Bulls did it for their second City Edition jersey was perfect. Rather than the script or bull, the jersey has the city flag design across the chest with the sleek black joining the red and blue of the city flag. Perhaps you may not like them, but I'm such a fan.

Photo: ChicagoBulls/Twitter

Photo: ChicagoBulls/Twitter

I'm sorry, but these are beautiful. Ah, remember the "Lauri Markkanen/Zach LaVine are the future" days? At least fans were half right.

#2: Bulls City Edition 2021-22

These things are sick. The script on the chest, the pinstripes, the red -- the Bulls hit a home run with their latest City Edition uniforms. By incorporating styles from the jerseys throughout team history, Chicago can be proud of the latest version of the jerseys. There is always something special about red at the United Center.

Chicago Bulls City Edition Jersey


These are so clean. I'm a huge fan of the jerseys. If I wasn't a Chicago history nerd, these would easily be my top answer. However, there's one of these jerseys that tickles me where I itch.

#1: Bulls City Edition 2020-21

These things are beautiful, gorgeous in fact. Just look at them. On the surface, they may not make a lot of sense. However, once you dive into the historical significance of these jerseys, they trump all the other City Edition uniforms. They're perfect, they embody Chicago, and they show off historical designs that are famous in the city.

Photo: ChicagoBulls/Twitter

Photo: ChicagoBulls/Twitter

Just look at them. There is so much history woven into these beauties. The art deco designs within the lettering and the pattern on the side of the jerseys make me go nuts. Don't forget the tribute to Daniel Burnham, the Columbian Exposition, and what makes Chicago so unique. Again, as a nerd for Chicago history, these are perfect.

Which jersey is your favorite? How would you rank the City Edition jerseys for the Bulls over the years? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter @BullsOnTap.