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REPORT: John Paxson is Willing to Step Down from the Bulls Organization

Paxson is reportedly willing to leave franchise if asked to do so.
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Reports have surfaced stating that current Bulls Director of Basketball Operations John Paxson has informed Jerry Reinsdorf that he would step away from the franchise if that was desired by the organization.

This sounds like a classic case of good PR to many Bulls fans. The Bulls' front office has a history of being a very proud, egotistical, and stubborn group, so hearing this information is certainly puzzling. It seems like Paxson is putting on the team player hat, which he hasn't always worn easily.

However, it shouldn't come to much surprise that Reinsdorf was willing to move Foreman and Paxson into other roles in the organization. He is incredibly loyal to those within his organizations and will back them at all costs.

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It does seem that this is a great time for Paxson to move on. There is little doubt that he could land a role elsewhere in the league and move on from the team he helped run for over 15 years. He would be better served leaving, as staying would only damage any ego he has as he would report to a new leader of the historic franchise.