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REPORT: NBA Creating Second Bubble for Non-Orlando Teams in Chicago

The NBA is reportedly considering having another camp for the eight teams not invited to Orlando.
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According to multiple sources, the NBA is close to allowing the eight teams that were not invited to continue the NBA season in Orlando to create a second mini-league in Chicago.

This would mean the teams that thought they were just competing for the best odds to land the #1 overall pick might actually get some training camp and games in before the season fully wraps up. This has to be exciting news for fans of the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Knicks, and the Chicago Bulls, who thought they were just going to be spending the rest of the season watching other NBA teams compete for the eventual title.

Chicago is a great choice for holding the second bubble because Chicago is doing a lot better at flattening the COVID-19 curve than other possible major cities like Houston or Atlanta. Apparently, Wintrust Arena could be where the camp and games are held.

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This would be good news for the new front office of the Chicago Bulls, too. It allows them to evaluate the team they have and, sigh, possibly Jim Boylen as well, to see what they want to do over the actual offseason. We will see if this happens or not. If it does, you might see a lot of players opting out because they wouldn't be playing for anything as of yet. A tournament for the #1 pick is an interesting rule change sometimes in 2K, but it doesn't make sense in actuality, especially given the circumstances.

We will keep you updated as things go on. Follow me on Twitter, and we can talk more about this possibility: @BullsGuyRob