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Thad Young Isn't Happy With His Role

The veteran forward is not happy with his playing time.
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Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Look, it makes sense. I completely understand why Thaddeus Young is irritated with his role on the team. However, I do not believe all blame can be placed directly on Jimbo The Clown here. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to give him all the blame.

Thad signed a three-year/$43,635,000 contract within the first hour of the NBA free agency this year. He probably jumped on the first team that threw the money his way. I sure as hell can't blame him, that's a lot of bread.

Did Thad take the time to look at who was on the roster though? I understand his minutes could be up, but two young talented bigs play in front of him. Lauri Marrkanen (who has struggled this year) and Wendell Carter Jr. get the bulk of those minutes. Also, it's a little challenging playing Thad at the three. A lot of teams run small ball lineups where Thad would not be able to guard the opposing team's small forward. I feel for him, I do. But hopefully, he realizes that he came here to be a veteran presence and a key bench piece. Maybe Jim can find a way to integrate him more within the lineup (I won't hold my breath).

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The only thing to really say here is, make use of the playing time you are getting and force the hand of your incompetent head coach and front office.

Featured Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images