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LaVine’s Camp to Blame for Free Agency Drama

Zach LaVine's best situation is to remain with the Bulls. However, his camp is stirring the pot to create drama this offseason.
Zach LaVine Chicago Bulls Playoffs Milwaukee Bucks

Photo: ChicagoBulls/Twitter

After the Chicago Bulls were eliminated by the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the playoffs, there was not a whole lot of commotion about where Zach LaVine will be playing next season. It seemed certain enough that he would be in a Bulls uniform come next season.

Now, LaVine’s camp is trying to stir the pot and create more buzz around the notion ‘is Zach staying in Chicago or not?’

What's the Commotion?

After TMZ snagged that video of the 27-year-old guard entering his car saying always been a “big fan” of the Lakers, which raises some eyebrows for some. Many NBA executives see right through it.

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“The Bulls can give him more money,” said one Eastern Conference general manager. “They can give him a chance to go to the playoffs every year. If he is not the No. 1 option, he is 1A and that is going to be the case in just about any place he goes if he is serious about leaving. Portland is out there as a possibility for him, and if he leaves, that is the only place where it would make any sense. But would he shoot more than Damian Lillard there? Of course not. It’s a lateral move, or even a step down a bit.”

The two-time NBA All-Star is not going anywhere. The Bulls can give him a max contract, be a part of a playoff contending team, and in a city that already loves and appreciates him.

The only teams that could create enough space for him are Orlando, Detroit, Portland, Indiana, and San Antonio. None of those options give him a chance to compete for a championship.

Going back home to Portland makes no sense. Why would he join a team that already has their number one guy in Damian Lillard? Remember, there is only one ball, and Lillard is going to have it.

The Bulls ended the season with the upper hand. LaVine and his camp are now trying to change that. Zach LaVine is a Bull, until further notice.