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Stanley Cup Contenders for 2019-20

With half of the 2019-20 regular season complete, we’re getting a picture of the main contenders for the Stanley Cup this year.

The Mess that is Marquee Sports Network

Marquee Sports Network goes live on February 22nd, but without a deal in place with Comcast Xfinity, the Cubs are leaving a large swath of cable subscribers in the dark. The effects of this gross incompetence can’t be overstated.


MLB The Show 20 is out of beta. Nick Hudson breaks down what he saw and what we can expect in the final release.

Chicago's All-Time Duos: Paulie and Buehrle

Konerko served as team captain from 2006 until his retirement in 2014, and Buehrle consistently threw gems while being the life of the clubhouse at any given time.

Chicago's All-Time Duos: Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews

When you think of the Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are the first two names that come to mind.

Chicago's All-Time Duos: Battle of the Bad Boys

Which Chicago sports duo has the clout and cool of the Bad Boys?

Astros Hit with Cheating Penalties; Hinch and Luhnow Fired

The Astros have fired their manager and general manager after receiving MLB’s punishment for the sign-stealing incident.

Adidas and the NHL Team up to Make Sub-Par All-Star Jerseys Yet Again

Adidas made a bunch of practice jerseys for teams that probably aren’t even going to actually practice.