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History For Barnum, Honors For Snelten

September 1st, 2019 was an eventful day for a few Chicago Dogs players.
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Photos: TheChicagoDogs/Twitter

Photos: TheChicagoDogs/Twitter

In the penultimate game of the Chicago Dogs sophomore season, first baseman Keon Barnum set the mark for home runs hit in a single season in the American Association Baseball League. He hit bomb #31, breaking a tie between himself and CJ Ziegler of the now-defunct Wichita Wingnuts in 2013. Barnum is sitting at second place in the RBI chase, as his 90 are just three behind the leader. He's going to have to put in some work on Labor Day if he wants to lead both categories, which would be really cool to see.

Earlier in the day, Dogs starting pitcher D.J. Snelten was named the American Association pitcher of the month for his performance in August.

He went 3-0 in six starts for 43.2 IP with an ERA of 1.24 and 0.89 WHIP. His peripherals matched, as he posted 5.5 K/BB and 9.1 K/9. Snelten is from Lindenhurst, IL, which is not far from Chicago Dogs' Impact Field, so it's close enough to say local in my book. Plus, he's a tough opponent to face in Tap Sports MLB 2019 mobile game — he's in there as an Oriole. Keon Barnum's start to the month could well have led to a Dogs sweep of the monthly awards. Barnum had 10 HR and 20 RBI through the first 18 games, cooling off to finish with 0 HR and 5 RBI through the remaining 12.

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Today marks the end of the regular season, and the Dogs have to view it as a resounding success, as well they should. There were world records broken, league records broken, and with every Carlos Zambrano smile, hearts broken. At a minimum, the Chicago Dogs will have 59 wins on the year, a 14-win improvement over their inaugural campaign in 2018. That's one heck of a sophomore slump.



Featured Photos: TheChicagoDogs/Twitter