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On Tap Eats: Birrieria Zaragoza Brings Incredible Flavor To Chicago's South Side

Are these the G.O.A.T. of goat tacos?
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Birrieria Zaragoza tacos Chicago Food


If you ask a tourist about Chicago food, I’m sure they’ll talk about the big three: pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beef. What often goes unnoticed is the amount of high-quality Hispanic eats around the city. Talk to any Chicagoland native about their favorite foods and you’re probably going to get a few places to get a good taco. One place that is definitely now on my list of top taco places to hit in Chicago is Birrieria Zaragoza.

Birrieria Zaragoza Goat Meat Tacos

Located at 4852 South Pulaski Road, in the Archer Heights neighborhood, Birrieria Zaragoza serves up one of the best Birria tacos around. I ordered a “plate”. This came with three homemade corn tortillas, onions, cilantro, limes, hot sauce, Arbol chiles, and enough goat meat to make six tacos.

The meat is tender, juicy, loaded with flavor, chopped off of the bone, and prepared right at the front counter while you wait. If you like hot sauce, there is plenty of kick in Zaragoza sauce. The Arbol chiles add a great flavor and nice texture.

The tortillas are fresh and taste like they may have been made that day. Many places will wrap your fillings with two tortillas. But Birrierria Zaragoza’s are strong enough that you only require one.

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Get Eating As Soon As Possible

For those of you unfamiliar, they only serve goat meat. After all, that’s how the traditional dish is prepared. Don’t go expecting to get a “sampler” of beef or chicken. If you are unfamiliar with goat meat, the taste and texture resemble pork, in my humble opinion. But the taste of Birrieria Zaragoza is one of a kind.

The restaurant is small inside but it does have dine-in seating. We were each given a sample taco to eat while we waited in line, whether that's a regular occurrence is unknown but it sure was sweet.

They’re open seven days a week from 9 AM to 6 PM. So don’t think about them as a late-night craving. However, I had plenty of leftovers from our plate that made the perfect late-night snack and everything tasted just as good as at lunch.

I’m definitely going to make a trip back there. Take a look at their menu and you’ll see this isn’t your ordinary taco stand. Don’t wait for Taco Tuesday to try this establishment out. Get there as soon as you can.