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On Tap Eats: Seoul Taco - Combines Korean and Mexican Flavors For Incredible Tacos

This tasty combination of Korean and Mexican flavors make for great tacos.
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Chicago Food On Tap Eats Seoul Taco Korean Mexican Flavor Combination


For this edition of #OnTapEats, I ventured into Chicago to the historic neighborhood of Hyde Park to try Seoul Taco. As the name suggests, Seoul Taco is a blend of Korean and Mexican casual cuisine.

There are two locations currently in Chicago: 1321 East 57th Street in Hyde Park, just south of the University Of Chicago, and in River North at 738 North Clark.

The Tacos At Seoul Taco

The menu is fairly simple with titles you may be familiar with like tacos and burritos. But they also have munchwraps, which are like a Taco Bell crunch wrap only better, pot stickers, and churros. The flavors they bring outdo any fast food you may be thinking of.

This being my first visit to either location, I went with the Taco Sampler. It includes three tacos with bulgogi steak, chicken, and spicy pork barbecue.

The tacos come on a warm corn tortilla topped with a sesame-vinaigrette salad mix, green onions, crushed sesame seeds, Seoul sauce, and lime wedges.

The Tasty Seoul Sauce Is Stealing My Heart

All three were extremely tasty and they blended Korean and Mexican traditions wonderfully. The bulgogi steak is tender, thinly trimmed, and full of flavor as is the chicken.

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But my favorite of the three was the pork. While it had plenty of kick from the bbq sauce, there was a sweet tanginess to it that really brought out the flavor and even cooled the spice as you ate.

All three types of meat were brought together nicely with the drizzled Seoul Sauce. The sauce closely resembles a chipotle sauce. It has spice but finishes with a creamy sweetness.

If you decide to try this particular location, I suggest ordering ahead. I ordered a few “to go” items after my meal and waited 40 minutes. Apparently, they tend to get swamped with online orders likely because they are so close to the large university campus.

So use the online menu on the website, which is pretty straightforward. Just be prepared.

If you’re looking to expand your taste buds when it comes to Korean or Mexican take-out cuisine, Seoul Taco is a great place to start. And while you’re there, don’t forget to take in the beautiful scenery of one of Chicago’s most historic and beautiful neighborhoods.

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