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Oreo Mixes Cookies and Ice Cream with the Neapolitan Cookie

Oreo released the new Neapolitan flavor! In On Tap Eats fashion, the latest Oreo cookie flavor deserves a cookie review!
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Oreo Neapolitan Cookie Review

Photo: Oreo/Twitter

If you’ve been following my Twitter timeline for any length of period, you’ll know that I love cookies. In particular, I love Oreo cookies. My favorite cookie of all-time, that isn’t my own mom’s chocolate chip cookie, was the Oreo Big Stuff. Those were around in the late 80’s. They came in packs of six, were about two inches thick, five inches in diameter, and had enough vanilla creme in the middle to induce a diabetic coma. They were a meal all to themselves. If you happened to bring one to school, you could trade it for anything that anyone had in their lunch.

Over the past decade, Oreo has been bringing out special edition flavors in addition to their classic chocolate cookie with vanilla cream. I remember around 2010 when the “Birthday Cake” flavor hit the store shelves. It was stunning how closely it resembled the vanilla birthday cake flavor.

A Game Changer

I recently tried the “Neapolitan Ice Cream” flavored cookie and thought I’d let you all in on how it tasted. Why? Well, because new cookies are always an incredible experience and I love sweets.

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Oreo describes it as “waffle cone-flavored cookie with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate artificially flavored triple layered creme.” If you’re a fan of the classic ice cream treat as I am, that’s one tall order… with extra whipped creme and a pink Nabisco, please. If you know, you know.

First, the cookie. Oreo succeeds in duplicating a waffle cone as best as they could. The texture is a little crispier than the traditional Oreo cookie and the taste is spot on. If you’re a “dunker” like me, the added crispiness keeps the cookie from falling apart if you dunk too long.

As for the creme, there’s enough creme to label this “double-stuff” which is a welcome treat for me and the flavor is pretty good. The color is divided up just like Neapolitan ice cream; white for vanilla, pink for strawberry, and brown for chocolate. It’s definitely sweeter than the traditional creme, but there’s three more flavors as well. The only thing that keeps this from being a home run is the lack of chocolate flavor in the creme. If you’re going to do Neapolitan, you’ve definitely got to have three separate flavors. The sweetness of the strawberry tends to over overshadow the other two flavors. So, I switched it up and opened the cookie and licked the center to get more of the chocolate flavor. Hey, sometimes you’ve got to make sacrifices.

All in all, this a tasty cookie if you have a sweet tooth and it goes great with a glass of milk or “Not-Milk” as has become my drink of choice recently. Full disclosure, I’ve never tasted a cookie I didn’t like. I appreciate Oreo bringing new flavors to the table. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what else they have in store in the future.