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Chicago's Wiener's Circle Reopens After Remodel

The Wiener's Circle is back in business after a remodel and it now features a bar area.
Wiener's Circle Bar Chicago

Photo: Matt Berklan/On Tap Sports Net

After closing down during the pandemic for a remodel, one of Chicago's greatest hot dog stands, The Wiener's Circle, has fully reopened. Not it is only reopened it has undergone massive upgrades. Outside of being known for its amazing burgers and hot dogs, The Wiener's Circle's reputation includes a "hostile" staff during the evening to provide humor for late-night customers. When the stand announced it was closing down, patrons didn't know what to expect next.


Entering from Clark Street, the hilarious marquee, the front patio, and the original stand remain unchanged outside of some minor interior upgrades. The food tastes the exact same and it didn't look like they changed any of their seasoned equipment. To the left of the building is a new heated breezeway that leads to a spacious back patio. The patio contains more tables, heaters, and an overhang to keep customers dry and out of the sun. The patio is dog-friendly.

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Additionally, there is an added small touch of a basketball hoop for kids during the day, but it remains to be seen if they will keep it around for late-night hours.


The best upgrade was a new bar space with more indoor seating. The new indoor section is directly behind the original stand. To get there, you have to walk through the new breezeway. The bar building is about three to four times the size of the original stand and also includes restrooms. The bar has a variety of canned beer, a few draft selections, alcoholic bag drinks, and slushy drinks. The Bar had a Simpsons theme with some of the drinks and decor. There were a few Simpsons characters' heads and Duff beer in stock.

Photo: Matt Berklan/On Tap Sports Net

Photo: Matt Berklan/On Tap Sports Net

The Wiener's Circle has now become a more exciting place to be year-round and it's great for any time of the day. Be sure to go check it out at 2622 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL.