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Amidst Coronavirus Concerns the Cubs HAVE to Figure Out Marquee Sports Network ASAP

If the Cubs have to play their games in empty stadiums where will the majority even be able to watch?
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Photo: Chicago Cubs

Photo: Chicago Cubs

Across the globe, the Coronavirus has been on the tip of every tongue for weeks. It's reached a point where we are starting to see a real-world impact on events, with cities banning large gatherings. It feels like a matter of if, not when that opening will be announced as closed to the public. At least I can sit back, relax and flip on the TV…shit.

As of this posting, nothing has been officially canceled for the baseball regular season, but the writing is on the wall. The NBA is playing games without fans, concerts are being postponed or canceled and the list will only grow. Right now Cubs fans who have Comcast, Dish Network or Youtube TV have no access to the Marquee Network. Absurd. Take a look at a Cubs group on Facebook or Reddit and even those fans with a TV service that does offer the channel are having issues accessing the content early on. Stellar.

The Cubs are treading dangerously close to Dodgers' territory with the handling of their network rollout. The season is about to begin, and the vast majority of your local fans: a) Will likely not be able to go watch a game in person for the foreseeable future because of Coronavirus; b) can't watch the games through due to local blackouts; c) can't access the network locally because there are no deals in place. Sort yourself out, Crane Kenney.

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