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Big Willy Prevails in the 15th

Willson Contreras gave the Cubs their third walk-off win of the week

Four score and seven years ago, this Cubs game started at 1:20 PM. It was a true stalemate between Zach Davies and Cole Hamels, and a 1-1 tie ultimately could not decide the fate of this baseball game. In the seventh inning, Wrigley Field stopped selling beer and the lone survivors of the 48-degree rainy baseball weather were left thirsty and damn near frozen in their seats.

It looked as though this matchup between the NL Central Division foes would never end. The Cubs stranded runners in extras. And then they stranded some more runners. At one point, they even brought out a sweet old lady to pass out hot chocolates to those who were brave/drunk enough to battle the elements all game. Then on the 467th pitch from the 47th pitcher of the day, Willson Contreras, or as some like to call him “Big Willie,” turned to his teammates and decided enough was enough. He ripped a DONG SHOT to left field to give the Cubbies the 2-1 walk-off win, which was their third this week. What a time to be Cubs fan, and what a time to be alive.

Have a great Saturday people.

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Featured Photo: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images