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Bringing #21 Back, Sammy Sosa Wants to Return to Wrigley... Someday

Sammy Sosa wants to return to Wrigley, and quite frankly, so do the fans.
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Photo: ESPN

Photo: ESPN

The title of this piece is pretty self-explanatory, Sammy Sosa wants to return to Wrigley Field, the place he called home for majority of his MLB career. Sosa was quoted saying he wants to return to Wrigley, and hopes he is invited back someday.

It is an interesting case for Sosa. There hasn't been another player in Chicago that has been blackballed by his former team more than Sosa. Across sports, players who have been accused of much worse than possible steroids or cork bats are still welcomed back or given a second chance. In Sosa's case, and all players linked to steroids, they're considered the worst of the worst despite the nature of what they did. At that time, it was a competitive advantage, and yet you'd swear by taking steroids, they killed someone.

That said, Sosa is still hopeful. He even believes that his #21 will someday fly on the foul polls at Wrigley Field.

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Sosa isn't the only person waiting for him to be invited back to Wrigley. It's safe to say a few fans, and members/friends of the On Tap Sports Network, want Sosa back.

As the ESPN 30 for 30 'Long Gone Summer' quickly approaches its air debut this weekend, it's appropriate that the campaign by fans to bring Sosa back is at full volume.

Who knows, one day Sosa may be welcomed back to Wrigley, and perhaps #21 is flying on the foul pole some day. Until then, fans will being screaming from the rooftops to bring Sammy back.