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Cubs Baseball Is Back, Which Brings About Pressing Questions

Baseball's lockout is finally over, which brings about several questions surrounding the Cubs' roster and free-agent pursuits.
Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs

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Major League Baseball and the MLBPA have finally reached an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement. The deal still needs to be ratified by both parties, but baseball is back, and Opening Day is on track for April 7.

After weeks of tense negotiations between the players and the owners, FINALLY, we can say hello to baseball.

ESPN's Jesse Rogers reports that players can report to spring training camps as soon as tomorrow, and as soon as the new deal is ratified transactions will unfreeze. Basically, as soon as the deal is finalized, get ready for what will likely be the wildest transaction market in the history of baseball.

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Fan-freaking-tastic! After weeks of wondering whether we’re going to have MLB action anytime soon, the baseball gods answer all our prayers by dropping this beautiful, gorgeous gift on us.

If this deal holds up, and April 7 is in fact Opening Day, the Cubs will host the Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field. The start of the MLB season will have only been delayed by one week, so the league will likely be able to reschedule those games missed in order to complete a 162-game season.

As a baseball fan, this is awesome. As a Cubs fan, this is very interesting. There are so many questions in play. Will Jed Hoyer and co. sign a big-time shortstop? Who’s going to be the designated hitter? Should they target more pitching depth? Weren't the Cubs one of the finalists for Seiya Suzuki? Is Anthony Rizzo still in play? We may see a plethora of transactions in the next few days -- hell, maybe in the next few hours if the two sides ratify the new CBA quickly.

One thing is for sure, there will a tidal wave of news emerging in the near future regarding details of the agreement. But for now, CUBS BASEBALL IS BACK!